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“Wool” by Hugh Howey

What a pleasant surprise! I just kept hearing about this book from all sorts of different people, so I finally checked it out from the library. I’m so glad I did! When it comes to speculative fiction, authors are faced with the very difficult challenge of introducing the reader to a new and unfamiliar setting […]

“Warbreaker” by Brandon Sanderson

This book reminded me of why I love (and, yes, in some ways hate) single-volume novels. They’re great in that they completely sidestep the “soap opera” problem so prevalent with massive series such as Wheel of Time and Game of Thrones. The author is forced to get to the point, tell a compelling story, and […]

“Story of Ain’t” by David Skinner

It’s books like this that make me question my sanity. I read the jacket and promotional copy, I read the reviews, and I have to start to wonder if it’s just me. This book was awful! The only reason it’s getting 2 stars is because there is some kernel of interesting history here; it’s just […]

“This Book is Full of Spiders” by David Wong

This book is a sequel to the excellent  by the same author. Go read that review first. Essentially the same comments apply. These books are a cross between Lovecraftian “weird fiction,” modern horror, and humour. I found myself laughing out loud very, very often. (Not sure what that says about me.) This book is not […]

“The Disciple of Las Vegas” by Ian Hamilton

This is the second book in Hamilton’s Ava Lee series of novels. As you may recall, I wasn’t a big fan of the first book. I liked this book a little better. Ava Lee is a forensic accountant who works with “Uncle” in retrieving stolen money. She’s Chinese-Canadian and is an accomplished practitioner of Bak […]

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    My name is Aaron Dalton. See the "About Me" link for more information. The name Perlkönig is a combination of my favourite programming language (Perl) and the title of one of Franz Schubert's most famous lied (Erlkönig).

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