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“Debt: The First 5,000 Years” by David Graeber

I really, really enjoyed this book. This is not a manifesto. It’s an honest-to-goodness anthropological history of money, debt, and everything that goes with it. What I love about the book is how it builds. After going through all the history, when he finally gets to modern times, everything makes sense, without him having to […]


“Infectious Greed” by Frank Partnoy

This book is a financial history. Partnoy’s point is that the financial meltdown of 2008 did not come out of nowhere. It was downright predictable. His goal is to outline the inception, incubation, and full-blown infection that began in the 1980s that led inevitably to the sub-prime mortgage catastrophe. He not only does an excellent job of explaining in layman’s terms what things like derivatives and collateralized mortgage obligations actually are, he goes into minute detail as he describes the people and organizations involved.


“Imagination in Place” by Wendell Berry

Rating: 5/5. “Imagination in Place” by Wendell Berry is a more autobiographical and literary collection of essays. He focuses on the people that have influenced his life and his writings.


“The Untied States of America” by Juan Enriquez

Rating: 3/5. This book discusses the volatility of nations and how the USA is not immune to such change. While the book has some interesting (if questionable) data, the book ultimately comes across as sensationalist and shrill.


“What Matters?” by Wendell Berry

Rating: 5/5. I cannot adequately express how much I enjoy Wendell Berry’s writing. This collection covers many themes, but recurring are the themes of limitlessness, community, and affection.

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