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“The Lightness of Being” by Frank Wilczek

The Lightness of Being is the type of content you might expect in a first-year honours physics class—maybe even second-year. It attempts to summarize where things are at in regards to quantum mechanics theory (QED and QCD) and what it tells us about the universe. The author assumes that you have a more than passing […]


“Dance of the Photons” by Anton Zeilinger

Rating: 1/5. Very disappointing. The book was poorly edited and the writing style is grating and distracting. I am certain there are recent books on the subject that are far better. I’ll let you know when I find them.

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    My name is Aaron Dalton. See the "About Me" link for more information. The name Perlkönig is a combination of my favourite programming language (Perl) and the title of one of Franz Schubert's most famous lied (Erlkönig).

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